Happiness In Life


Take for a moment, you are not in your current life with all the stresses you have. You are in a fixed state of vacation. Your every need is taken care of. Your desires are fulfilled. Are you smiling yet? Life can teach us to become angry or frustrated with our choices and experiences. Some of the things you are experiencing right now are not by choice. Bills can be frustrating as they come every month whether you have the money or not.
There are many positive feelings coming out of imaging we won the lottery grand prize. Why? Winning the grand prize allows us to escape our current life. It allows us to think of a time in our lives when we do not have anything to worry about. It offers us the freedom our minds crave and yearn for.


What if you could fake the same feeling of freedom and get yourself in a different state of being? Yes, fake it until you make it. If your mind could not tell the difference, would it not be an awesome feeling? We know you can’t just escape your commitments. However, there is a way to experience feelings of freedom without having to actually do anything more than imagine it.
For one reason or another, it comes taboo to have dreams as an adult. It’s like a rite of passage where you trade in your dolls and toy cars for bills and work. Every day becomes more and more boring. Until you get some kind of medically bad news, then you suddenly feel like you don’t have enough time. Why are you waiting until that moment to live a happier life? If your mind cannot tell the difference, your existence is better off starting now than later. It has been too long in the “adult” world. It is time you started imaging yourself in a better place. You deserve to have a chance to be happy at any state of your experience.


Life has enough unpredictable factors you cannot control. Whether you are happy or frustrated is definitely something you, and you alone, control. Why not make the choice that overall provides you with a better experience? Is it not time for you to have the chance to be happy now? It is. Start today. Begin this day differently than you have. Don’t harbor on things that others do to you. Take the opportunity to be in the moment and enjoy the blessing of life you have been afforded. Move throughout your say looking people in the eyes and smiling. Life is just not that serious if today was your last day on earth. Each moment, allow yourself the experience of feeling like everything is going to be okay.


And, you know what, it is going to be okay.

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