The 5 Negative Personalities to Avoid for Happiness Seekers

Happiness is something that requires commitment and protection. You have to protect yourself from the happiness robbers of the world. Yes, you thought they stayed behind in grade school. However, they have not. They exist in the world. They feel entitled to their positions and will do anything they can to make people closest to them miserable. You may not recognize these personality traits at first, especially if they are family members. Yet, they cannot help but show themselves at pivotal times.

The Bully/The Entitled – You can ask them for a moment where they encourage you. A bully cannot get outside their head enough to encourage you when you are asking for it. No, they will take the opportunity to beat you down even more. When you are having too much fun, they will show you their jealousy by interrupting your engagement or interjecting themselves into it abruptly. No one can be more or less happy than the bully. It is like their live was never fulfilled, so they don’t want to see your life fulfilled.

The Hypochondriac –  Every time you come around them they have another illness or diagnosis. If you tell them, you are sick, magically they are coming down with the same illness. This is found more in people who are not getting enough attention from people in their lives. Maybe they had one procedure that generated a lot of attention for them, so they go about their life seeking to generate the same level of attention. When it doesn’t happen for them, they continue to seek out that attention by finding a medical diagnosis. Unfortunately, for those who seek out something major happening, the world tends to allow them to experience such an illness. These personalities drain you because every time to get around them you have to heard about another illness and everyone knows that isn’t positive talk.

The Victim – This personality accepts no responsibility for their actions. The world operates in a cause and effect balance. Yet, this person is always on the victim of innocently being exposed to dramatic situations. It cannot be they are participants in their world. It is that the world is out to get them. Yet, they seem to find the worst situations to be involved in, and have no idea why the world would do this to them. These personalities can straight up get on your nerves. The more you ask questions, the more they want to talk about how they are a victim. It is like they were drinking while driving, then got pulled over, yet it is the system that is out to get them. Never mind their own actions that brought it upon themselves.

The Arguer – This personality has an opposite opinion of everything you say. If you say the sky is blue. They have to point out it is white. If you say you like x, they argue why z is better. They don’t go with the flow. They interrupt the flow. This person is not focused on fitting in, in fact, they want to do opposite of what everyone else is doing, just because. This person is definitely hard to get along with, though they may not even be aware of it.

The User – This personality only is in contact with you when they have use for you. Don’t try to get close to them. They will ignore your advances. When they come into town, they aren’t going to call you unless there is something you can do for them while they are around. When you come into town, they will text if it is something they want to do. It is a completely fake personality and only needs to frustrations. You cannot be close to them nor invest any more than what they allow you.

These 5 personalities come around happy people and suck the life out of them. They take your happiness away because underneath their coat of entitlement/bullying, hypochondriac, victim, arguer, and/or using they are miserable. They haven’t found the key to happiness and they do not want to see anyone else have it either. These personalities are better left where they are. You are not their keeper. You cannot teach someone to be different. Your only option is to limit your exposure to them. By limiting your interactions, you are not subject to their bullying ways. You do not have to listen to their negative personalities seeping out and steeling your happiness away.

You can focus on yourself and your goals in life. Happiness takes work. It isn’t gifted to any one person more than anyone else. The happy people you see, are people who fight to be happy through all issues. If you were to walk a day in their shoes, you may see they have many of the same problems as you. They appear to be handling them differently, because they are focused on the happiness in life verses the negative things. It is worth fighting for. And, you deserve to give it a try. It won’t happen overnight. You will have moments to rock any certainty you believe you contain. Yet, it is far easier to focus on happiness than worry about negativity. You just have to stand up for your health and happiness and project it against negative enemies. You can say no to negative people. You can do that by distancing yourself from them.

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