Stay in the Now

There is not a formula provided to equal your happiness. It is only in our adult life we trade in the art of imagination for something more age appropriate. Yet, without imagination nothing can be realized or sought after. It is not “mature” of you to be grown. It is mature of you to understand what a healthy imagination does for your happiness. The art of being happiness is found inside the world of your imagination. It requires you to picture your life in the best possible light in order for you to see the blueprints of where you are to begin.
Close your eyes and see your life a month from now. What do you see? Let’s keep it semi-real. Unless you hit the lottery or come by some out of the box win-fall, your finances are not going to change to the point where you are debt free in a month. Yet, a plan could be imputed and you could find yourself slowly working your way out of the debt. This would be the blueprint. As you imagine various aspects of your life in a positive life, you will notice key steps you must start to reach these goals. Those starts are what you focus on in your present life.


From the blueprints, you can find yourself a great place to being towards being that person you imagine yourself to become. At some point along the journey, you will look back and smile at how far you have come. The key is to focus on the present. If you fail, no one is watching. Get back up and begin again. There is no better time than today. Forget about tomorrow (for as long as you can), and never mind yesterday. The only thing that matters is today and your decisions towards your tomorrow.  You will come to see your life has grown from where you are to where you are wanting to be.

Nothing is changed overnight other than your mind. Tomorrow you still have to wake up in your current life. After a lot of tomorrows and yesterdays have past, you can see the growth you have dedicated. You will begin to forget all the bad days and focus on your now. Tomorrow cannot be changed. The past is what it is. Today, you are present and that is what counts. And, today is the day you decide to focus on the positive parts of your life and where your life is positively headed. You can choose to be happier in time, and gain a lot of experience throughout your trial and errors in this journey.

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