Truthfulness is a key to happiness, no?

What does truthfulness have to do with happens? Funny, you should ask this now. It is a common divide within our bodies to be truthful and lie during certain situations. One can say they are always truthful, then catch themselves in a lie. The same could be said in reverse. And, what does this have to do with overall happiness? Believe it or not, a great deal. The more honesty you have, the happier you will be.
Telling the truth takes guts sometimes. It is hard to tell the truth when you know it may mean the difference between your freedom or sanity or finical security. However, telling the truth allows for a level of peace to remain around you which invites happiness.

People like truth more than they like lies. People connect with an honest person more than a dishonest person. You may not get that advancement right away by being honest, but you will win in the long term. Emotionally, you win because you have no stress to weigh you down. You don’t have fear of being busted because you didn’t say anything false. The more honest you can be the better off you are.


Yes, being honest gets you far in the eyes of happiness as your end goal. That being said, honesty can aversely cause problems for you as well. Examples are:


  • When you believe honesty will allow you to win a dispute just because you were honest.
  • When you tell someone something hurtful because it was honest.
  • When you have knowledge of a crime and were honest about it (This was meant in humor, not seriousness. Please excuse my bad humor.)
  • When you talk to your doctor honestly about your sex life (awkward).
  • When you feel you are entitled to things because you are honest i.e. going first, being promoted, winning the lottery, etc.


Doesn’t it feel good knowing you have no secrets in a situation? You gain this amazing confidence you may not have had prior. You feel empowered. It is an amazing feeling. It makes you feel like you are a good person. And, good people are happy. This little factor is what you are seeking throughout the entire experience. You are seeking the feelings of happiness. Happiness comes to you when you know you are good. Good equals happiness. You can be considered good when you lie less and tell the truth more. Besides, what’s the point of lying? It only makes you look bad in the end, which subtracts from your happiness.

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