Your happiness is worth fighting for.

Your happiness can be greatly affected by people who push their desires and issues upon you. It is not your responsibility to take on their problems. A person who is making you feel uncomfortable, does not have the right to do so. It is your responsibility, duty if you prefer, to take action to place them behind your boundary lines.

The first step is to recognize you matter. Yes, that’s what you heard. You matter. Your thoughts matter. Your feelings matter. Your overall safety matters. You have the right to live void of another person’s problems, in a perfect world, right?

Once you have accepted your value in the world. You then can begin to define what is acceptable and what is not for your comfort level. If an interaction is always negative, you can set your comfort boundary past them ever interacting with you. If they have particular things, you can easily pick and choose what is acceptable and not to discuss with them.

Yes, you got it. The next part of this is actually bringing it to the person’s attention. How can a person know how you feel about a situation, if you never speak up about it? People are not mind readers. And, some people do as much as you will let them get away with. Just get it over with. You have options for your level of comforter. You can email, text, video blog it, blog it, call them, tell them in person; it is all based off whatever is necessary for your comfort level. But, it must be done. (Mini-clause, you probably don’t want to tell a person you are not wanting to talk to them ever again, in all cases. Not everyone can handle this level of bluntness – choose your words carefully).

Often you will find an immediate resolution to your unhappiness factor, if the person was unaware of their actions. If the person’s actions were intentional and you are finally standing up, they may fire back very meanly. As hard as it is, you cannot accept another person’s rants as your own problems. Record them, stay out of their way, do whatever you have to do to refrain from engaging in their argument. They have to understand you meant what you are saying. During this moment, try to stay focused on the point of this is to free yourself from cowering down to someone who is making you feel uncomfortable enough to take from your happiness.

You have the right to be comfortable and happy in your home, work, gym, and personal life. If you are not happy, it is only going to change when you make it happen. One aspect of this is facing people head on and demanding a level of respect. Not everyone will respect you just because you are alive; some people need to be shown how to do this properly.

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