Conflict Resolution For Happiness

When people exist in the same space, a conflict situation is going to happen. The severity may weigh upon the situation, the parties involved, or outside parties adding to it. One feels justified and the other feels entitled. This is not the state both desire to be in (if they are a healthy individual). Humans desire resolution to disagreements. Yet, conflict comes when a resolution is unable to be agreed upon.

What does it mean to be the “bigger” person?

For happiness, it means being able to leave a disagreement alone. Who really cares who is right? To prove yourself right, means you miss out on having peace. You can hold strong to your take on the matter or you can ask yourself, “in 5 years, does this matter that much that I will be thinking about it then?” If the answer is only right now, let it go.

Happiness does not care if your feelings or pride is wounded. You can choose to let the situation fall by the waste side to keep the connection with the person, if you have found this person matters enough in your life. Just because a person is blood related, does not mean they have to be in your life. Not all relationships are positive. If you have gone over the cleansing and you have decided this person carries more good than negative, then you owe it to yourself not to allow a simple disagreement to interfere with your connection.

It is far easier to take the high road and let the person have the ‘win’ verses completely losing them over pride. Love is the best medicine to almost anything. And, when you are faced with end of life, your thoughts are not going to be on how many arguments you won; but how many memories you shared. Happiness only asks for you to make decisions to better your life by choosing the higher road, when given the choice.

Side note rant: Yes! It is unfair! Yes! It is annoying! But, at least you are the person able to see how to resolve it. At least you are given the gift of choice. The other person is not choosing to let it go. They want the win. You are actually choosing to back down for the greater good. That is empowering.

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