Who you are matters!

As an individual, your greatest gift is acceptance of your individualism and person. You are unlike anyone else you have ever known. DNA wise, perhaps there is a match somewhere in the millions and billions of people around here. Yet, your skills, qualities and life’s mission is unlike anyone else’s. You are valuable to this lifetime.

It is time you took time to yourself to learn who you are and what your favorite aspects of yourself are. Tattoos, piercings, blank canvas, crazy hair, the list of ways to invent yourself are unlimited. Your fashion sense or lack of it make you who you are. It is time for you to get back to yourself. Find a place throughout your day to remember you are special, just because you are you.

Learn to ease the negative chatter in your mind telling you, you are not good enough. Because you are good enough. You are good enough to be you. And, you are the only person qualified for the position of being yourself. You should be your biggest fan and ease those negative thoughts.

Meditation helps to relax the mind. It helps bring you in to the moment and forget the chaos spinning around your life. It can ease your stress and help you to stay focused. Yet, it is not for everyone. And, that is okay too. That is what makes this life you share with all of us great. You have permission to be yourself.

If you prefer something less focused, grab your favorite book or watch a movie. Play a video game for a moment. Do something that takes your mind off the stresses of your day and allows you to come to a grounded state of mind. It is in this moment you are alive and what a great moment to be alive. Never before have you walked in this time. And, never again shall you ever. Take a moment to enjoy that you are present.

Enjoy your life while you have the blessings of the days. Remember how very special you are. This is another key to happiness that is very important. Never forget how wonderful you are as a human.

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