The Gift Of Happiness

The world is given to us at birth. Anything you want to be is there for the taking. You can grow and mold yourself in any direction you choose. The only person who lives with the decisions you make long term is you. If you want to experience a life with happiness, you have to make a decision to bring it into your life.

You can choose to focus on negative things and they will snuff out any hope for happiness. You can choose to fight battles until people get on board with you. You can do anything your heart desires; but you chose to live with the consequences for those choices too.

Happiness is not about getting even with someone for upsetting your world. It is not about making people feel beneath you. You are not above anyone for any reason. You are not welcomed to more happiness because you have more money or an easier life. We are all equal. What makes one happy, does not make the same happy. And, two people can be equally happy on the opposite side of a coin.

So what does your happiness look like?

With the world as it is, you can choose to begin this quest to find your true happiness today, tomorrow, next week, next year, or whenever you get around to it. It does get easier the more you stay focused on it. And, the more you focus on limited your interactions with negative things.

When do you ever really have to change?

Life continues forward. Think about all the people you know in life who keep telling you they are going to do something, and never do. Think about all the times you told yourself one thing going to bed, and found yourself not doing that thing the following day. This is a cycle that continues until you stop it.

Will today be your day to choose different?

We cannot be happy 24/7, year around. Things do have balances. Good and bad. You will fall. You will soar. Your life is a mixture of highs and lows. It is just how it works. But, you can snap yourself out of other people’s bad days by focusing on happiness. You do not have to worry about other people more than you have to worry about yourself, unless you have small children (that is a different story, they never stop).

Life is a blessing. Don’t get so overwhelmed by the negative that you miss out on what a wonderful blessing you have been granted, another day.

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