Keep Looking Up

The word can be a tough place. When you think you cannot handle more, it can unload a wrath only suited for a storybook character. Yet, there you are drowning in the worst day ever. It gets hard. It leaves you with wounds. You want to cry.

But, it is not the end. Your life will continue forward.

Pick yourself up and brush off the unfairness. It has made you stronger, not because you are experiencing the negative things at the moment. Rather because you were born strong and able to resist the attacks of many things at once.

Hold your shoulders back and fight in a different direction. Your job doesn’t appreciate your contributes, seek out another employment. Your significant other doesn’t respect who you are, it is time to stand up for yourself. Some thing isn’t quite right in your life, find another way to make a change.

You do not have to accept whatever mush is thrown onto your plate each day. You can create a better meal out of your day to day experiences. It is your life after all, you are deserving of having a comfortable life. What does this mean for you? Think about the 80, 20 rule. If your life is 80 percent good with 20 bad, you have 20 room for improvement. If you have a 90/10 split, you are doing better than most of us. (Psst, tell us your secret, now!) If your happiness is lower than 80/20, it is time to start taking action against bringing change into your life.

The only excuse for you to experience unhappiness at a rate lower than 80/20 is you have given up on yourself.

Come on, it is your life, we are talking about. Dare to change today for a greater experience with happiness tomorrow. You do deserve it!

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