Acceptance for today

For many of us, learning to accept what is present can be the hardest state of being to be in. Nothing changes overnight, except the unpredictable. In your life, you are either completing something or working towards a completion. Each day you are present, you have another 24 hours to get done something towards your goals.

In our complacency, we allow each day to pass by telling ourselves, ‘tomorrow, we will start’. Tomorrow comes and goes as the week progress into months. Dates grow into years, and before you know it more time has gone, than you have every desired.

Today is not able to changing anything. It is about coming to terms with your current state. You are here, in this date, on this time, and are perfectly normal for your life. Can you agree to accept this present life? Your choices have brought you here. Your life exposure has allowed for your mind to be in the state it is. There is nothing that needed to change from your past. It was exactly what you needed to find yourself in this moment, on this day.

You cannot go backwards. You cannot excel forward. You are forced to move through life at the same pace as the rest of us. From this moment of your acceptance journey, you can begin your climb towards a happier you. Acceptance of what cannot be changed, is the key to letting go of our hang-ups. It helps in the healing process to free up your mind to focus on things more productive than your pain and suffering from that which has passed.

Forgiveness is the next in the key to becoming a happier you. In order to get to this step, you have to force yourself to come to terms with what has happened and accept that you are alive. Nothing else matters. No matter what has occurred or what role you have played, what has happened has passed. It is now that you find yourself in the present.

Take in a deep breath. You are alive. Your life isn’t over. Your decision can be changed. Your next step is still in the future. Right now, you are in the present moment. Breathe again. Your life is only here. And, you have the chance to do something differently than you have prior. The only thing you have to do is breath. The only thing you are going to do is breath in this moment. Nothing else is expected of you.

How do you feel?

Throughout today, check in with your breathing and realize this is the only moment that counts. Your life before or to come matters not. It is in the present you are alive. Now, begin to put positive thoughts where you typically have found yourself beating yourself up. All previous actions matter little in the present. Any future action is not able to be predicted at this moment. Acceptance is key to progressing from this moment into the happier you.

You deserve happiness. And, you are the key to all of it.

Are you ready yet?

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