1000 Razor Cuts 04/13 by Kay-ce Eagan | Podcasting Podcasts

There are sometimes we hope to never have to experience. The loss of a child is one of those things. Being bullied in school is also an experience one never wants to go through. It challenges your mental strength and will to go on. It changes who you are at the core. Your life is pushed into a different direction than you ever knew you were meant to go. In today’s episode, we are diving into this realm and learning, first hand, what it is like to be bullied in school and to lose a child. I’ve invited a special guest to join us to talk about her experience. We go through her thoughts and feelings as she experienced the bullying an d loss. And, how she has continued on after the experience. This journey is presented to help you, the listener, find your happiness through anything life throws at you. To bring you into another person’s experience and inspire you to continue forward. Every life has a purpose. And, you are deserving of happiness. It is how you go about getting it that matters. Join us, will ya? FInd us on ITunes: https://pcr.apple.com/id1099465295 Find us on our site: http://www.thissideofnormal.com Or Send us an email at: Normal@thissideofnormal.com

Source: 1000 Razor Cuts 04/13 by Kay-ce Eagan | Podcasting Podcasts

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