Who Do You Turn To?

With every change in life, who is in your corner matters. If you have a weak support group, you find yourself failing at getting your mind out of the negative downward spiral. This is where the people around you matter. When you are feeling down because things are not where you had hoped they would be, you want strong, positive people to bring you out of that. You want to turn to them for comfort and reminders of who you really are.
The truth is our minds lie to us every day. Don’t believe it, go find one of those mind trick sites and watch how crazy your mind gets. They come around on various social media accounts from time to time, but a quick google search can produce the evidence required for this moment.

Just like in daily life there is a positive and negative balancing act, your brain goes through cycles as well. Sometimes you feel high, other times low. This is not something you can fully control, as much as we would like to believe we can control everything – it is just going to be a day where you feel blue. It could be your goal of having success is taking the longs route possible to coming true. Or maybe, you just figured out something you had been working on wasn’t as great as you once thought it was.

When it comes to life, we are not always going to find yourselves rolling in the lap of luxury. Yet, this is not reason to forget everything, go inside yourself, and become a negative Nancy. It is in these moments your support group matters. Who you turn to can make your break your chances of snapping back. They can lift your spirits get you back on track or utterly shatter the last bit of hope you had.

You want to make sure you have people you can go to when you are feeling down and just let it out. You want that person to be able to listen to your vents and help you get a grasp on your real life. You are not failure because you experience something opposite of what you had hoped for. There are millions of people hoping to win the lottery twice a week – most of them are not willing, they are not losers. What do they do, continue to go about their lives as they were supposed to until the next drawing comes around. It can be a cycle. And, that is the beauty of this life. We cannot control everything to be made into what we think we want each time. We have to live life one moment at a time. Step by step we make it through time to the next phase, followed by more steps until the next phase passes.

Your corner people should be ones who are there for you. Who know your strengths and build you up when you talk about your struggles. You should feel comfortable speaking with them intimately about your perceived failures. You want to be sure these people have a good grasp on reality themselves – wouldn’t want to go to a person who also is depressed and falling to pieces to see advice. Although, it does bring a new light to birds of a feather flock together….so perhaps, your first idea would be to rate who all you have in your corner and what they can do to benefit your life. If nothing, this could be the solution to much of your frustrations.

Let’s face it…we all have stresses. We all have things we don’t want in our lives. What makes a difference is how we handle what is presented in our lives. It is time you asked yourself, ‘who is in your corner?’ This is your happiness and you sever to have it. Now, let’s get back up off the ground and take that next step towards the better you.

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