Respect and Compassion

Respect and compassion. These simple acts can change the course of your day. It can alter your bad mood into having good experiences. By just remembering to respect and have compassion. There are simple ways to accomplish these two things. You don’t have to go out of your way, but you may need to slow down a little.

With the follow steps you can accomplish the definition of both words:

Speak less, hear more.

Smile, for Pete’s sake.

Say, thank you.

Say, your sorry when you make a mistake.


Treat people who you want to treated.

Think before you speak.

Think before you react.

Stop policing the roads – we pay taxes for police officers for a reason.

Who cares if you don’t agree – let it go.

No more revenge.

Stop making drama happen just because you are bored.

Focus on the greater good for all.


Take a walk.


Leave the last of anything for someone else.

Go last.

Stop feeding into the racist talk – human is human, period.

Eat half.

Stop judging others – until you walk in their place, you do not know their life.

Stop cutting other people’s dreams down.

Leave jealousy alone.

Hold doors.


The reason you have read ‘GET OUT OF PEOPLE’S WAY’ as much as you have, is not because it is meant the same each time. But, there are lots of ways we can stand in the way of someone’s path to happiness. We can cut them off. We can describe all their negative qualities to ensure they are not liked or prompted. We can stop them from driving as they would like. We can prevent them from passing in a supermarket because we want to look at an item with our shopping carts in the middle of the isle. We can let a door slam in the face of someone because we didn’t want to wait for them. We can keep a person waiting while we unload a large cart, while they only have 2 items. We can move about our day without considering anyone around.

Yet, happiness shows us it is the exact opposite we desire. How can you do ugly things throughout your daily life and expect good things in return?

Think about it next time.

And do better.

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