Dab of Kindness for You


What is happiness if you cannot share it with others?
Ever wake up feeling great! You want to shout it from the rooftop. You want to tell the whole world about how great of a day you are going to have. You want to call and project your happiness onto your friends and family. You want everyone to feel a great as you do.

Whether you wake up feeling great or experience a situation that puts you in a great mood, you still want to share your happiness with others. As you pick up the phone or meet a friend in person to share your happiness, you find yourself hitting a brick wall. Your recipient is having the worst day, and is not able to see your happiness at the same level. Perhaps, they are looking to fight and argue. And, before you know it they are making sly remarks and making a normal conversation difficult. They are eliminating your happiness bit by bit.

Yes, these situations occur. Why? They happen because there are more reasons for someone to be in a bad mood, than a good one. There are more excuses of why a person is having a tough time and will continue, than are for a person to work to get out of their current predicament. And, let’s face it, you have always been this person’s go to for a good negative bashing. Why would it be any different?

You want things to change, yet you aren’t willing to stand up for yourself and take back your control. For the sake of being “politically nice” you continue to allow this person or people to project their negative remarks onto you. You make stop it; but maybe that means creating hostility – who really wants that.

Well the point of this is to give you permission to say, “not today.” You do not have to be anyone’s go to for negative things today. You can excuse yourself out of a conversation. You can make yourself unavailable when those people come knocking. The excuse, ‘I must have had my earphones in when you knocked’ is great.

This way you can continue to progress through your day in a happy state of mind. When you find yourself unable to escape a negative conversation or experience. There are other things great for helping you get back into the groove of happiness. One key action you can consciously take is to random donate something. The act of knowing someone around you will find this key item and instantly smile, is an instant mood changer. It lifts your spirits and gets you back on track.

It doesn’t take much. Just a simple act of kindness, like paying for the person behind you’s drive through meal. Or you leave a $5 somewhere. Its these tiny gifts you know will make someone else’s day, which will in turn brighten your day. You won’t remember the negative experience so much, when you drop a dab of kindness on another.

Don’t have the guts to just do it yourself? There is a great new organization that is around to help you do this at dab of kindness. You will find various ways to get your happiness back on track. There is always something you can do to take back your power! Why not start today!

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