Imperfect life

As a child, we are painted this beautiful picture of a perfect life. We trust our environment to provide for us and keep us save. We go about our daily tasks with limited regard to mistakes and responsibilities. And, as we begin to age, we realize there is more to life than what we have been told of. We learn our childhood has been filled with lies and fairytales. And, then…

Then, we grow up.

We learn what is good verses what is bad for us. And oh, how bad it is…yet, so good too!

We begin to develop a laughter at ourselves. We start to see life is not a chaos as we once had it. Yet, it is ours to make of it what we will. Mistakes. Yes, those happen. You will never complete a life without mistakes. With so many directions, who is to say what is the “right” way to life.

One thing is known, if you never try it, you can never know. Who cares who badly you mess up. The great part about mistakes is you can learn from them, and do better. Without the experience, you are left guessing. And, a guess, is only potentially half accurate.

Stop guessing. Take the risks. Put yourself out there in a new place, and learn what is needed for you to reach your true happiness. Nothing is given for free, other than your mind. You have the right as a human on this planet to reach for your happiness. You have the right and the permission to try something different. All it takes is one day with one decision and you begin.

There are lots of ways you can fail. Take creating a podcast or starting a blog. You can have the best ideas in starting each, and fail in so many ways. You can misspell words or use improper grammar. You can edit the podcast incorrectly to make yourself sound silly. There a 1000 ways you can go wrong – yet, it is still doable. Try doing that and starting a charity out of thin air. How many supporters do you think you’ll have, honestly? No what, none of that matters. Why? Because it is there to prove to you that you can do it. Each entry, each episode, and each day is another chance to make a difference in your life. You can do something about your currently state of mind. You may not be able to retire overnight. But, you can with time work towards a place of greatness. And, who doesn’t want that.

Today, is your day to get yourself out of the funk. Accept the challenge of the, and begin the journey of walking towards your happiest future yet!

You deserve it!

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