A sorrowful reminder

Life has a unique way of reminding us all we are mortal. When a tragic event happens to take the lives of so many, like the Orlando massacre, we are forced to think about life and death. It is in these moments, we can see all the ways we have settled in life. By observing the tragic way someone has lost their life too soon, we can gain the perspective of “what if”.

What if that were you who didn’t make it? It could very well have been. You called up a group of your friends. You made the drive to the club. You drank, laughed, and danced the night away. Then, just before the club was to close, and with the beat of the music a first, you heard pops of bass. It is only seconds later, you realize it is gun shots. You panic as you see the hysterical crowd moving towards any exit they can find. You try to blend in. But, you weren’t good enough. You fell a sharp pain, and then you begin to feel weak. Your friends can’t help you. They have to run for safety. You are left alone on a dirty floor bleeding out until your end of life comes.

Death is something that will find us all. Not everyone gets the peaceful going in your sleep death. Though, we all want this. Heck, maybe we would even be willing to settle for losing our minds before dying. At least we wouldn’t have to feel death, right? At least we wouldn’t have to know we suffered.

By nature we are good, never mind what some psychologist have attempted to say. We are good. As a community, we come together to help our sick and wounded. We fight against evil to ensure we continue to protect our young and the future of our society. When evil comes around to attack, we come back with even greater force. It matters not about our religious beliefs or our sexual orientation, hate is wrong.

50 people were innocent, law abiding citizens lost their lives over hate. You can try to put it on an organization that is thousands of miles away. You can say they had brainwashing abilities to inspire a man to kill as he did. But, in the end, this individual made every single decision that resulted in the slaughtering of 50 people and the almost slaughtering of 53. Somewhere they are celebrating, because some hate us.

As a natural born citizen of the United States, perhaps we are entitled more than others. Perhaps we live too fast and too loud. Maybe even we do things corruptly, and have to atone for our sins. But, we live in a world where none of us are perfect. And, when it comes to religions we all have rights to believe in whatever we desire.

How does killing make you a hero?

This is for all those who were innocently taken by this mad man. You were beautiful and deserving of honor. The ignorant individual who plotted your murder shall not be glorified. He is a failure and a coward. He didn’t face anyone with equal firing power. He shot the innocent. And, now, he has been killed. Our hearts are with the 50 who lost their lives, not the 1 who caused this. We stand behind you, and feel for your family’s pain. We do not stand behind his family nor celebrate his life.

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