Taking On Too Much

There is a limit to what you can do in one sitting. Yes, it is believed you can do anything you desire. Reality is there are limits. In truth, you are only good at doing one thing at a time. Doing too much, and you sacrifice quality of work.

For your life’s goal of happiness, the goal is to do something every day to reach your true potential. This is not a rat race, where you have to be the first to finish. It is a long term goal over the span of your life.

Don’t have a direction to go in yet?

Start smaller than the big picture. Take a look at your current life. What can you do right now to make yourself happy? There is always something – nothing is not acceptable. Could you simply stop worrying about something in your life. Let somethings be, and focus on your mood. Bills will always be there. Crappy experiences are around. There are many things in life we cannot do anything about, but our moods are something we can do something about.

What would change your mood today?

This could be the start of your happiness direction. Check in with yourself throughout the day to ensure you are not allowing yourself to slip back into your old habits. Take moments out to find ways to add laughter to your day. At the end of it all, it is just life. You aren’t going to escape death….why not enjoy your presents now.

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