A Retraction for Sanity

Admitting when you need to break away and reduce is also key to happiness in this life time. You can overextend yourself to the point where you are not successful in anything. The goal of trying something different is not to load yourself up with things to get you through the day. The goal is to make a small step into towards your happiness each day.
When you get too ambitious, you open yourself to a collapse. When the collapse comes, it stands to destroy everything. You stress out. You self-destruct. You stop caring about anything. You want it all to be completely done. You don’t care about moving anywhere, just leaving it all alone.

This can come from having too many irons in the fire or when you set to rigorous of goals for your life. A great example is weight loss – it is the easiest example to relate to. Why? Because most people who set off to lose weight do it with the need for immediate gratification. For this example, you would set a number to lose the weight verses setting the goal of doing something exercise related each day, giving yourself a couple days off per week. By doing this, you immediately set yourself up for a lot of self-abuse and doubt. When you don’t see the numbers on the scale dropping, you immediately want to toss away all the hard work. You want to forget the diet and dive into a large bowl of guilt.


What happens when you reach this level of forget it all? You quit. Plan and simple.
How can you prevent this kind of mental breakdown? Being mindful of your daily requirements. You cannot save every dime without making sacrifices. And, you cannot reach your end goal of happiness if you are giving up before you get to them. You have to set reasonable goals and maintain those expectations in rea life capabilities. You are not a machine. You do have mental and physical limits. It is okay! We understand.


A real life example for you, would be what I experience. Here I was doing everything I could to prove a change towards goals can happen as you set them, you can achieve them. Then, I found myself stretched too thin. Where my goals were to inspire, I found myself doing too much. My writing started to suffer, and I reached a point, where I didn’t care to do any of it. So, I retracted. I retracted the podcast, website, emails, and YouTube. It helps to remember your happiness and not let it get out of control. I’m all good with inspiring others, while I inspire myself. However, I have to remember my life matters too, and I am not able to do everything. I give props to those of you out there doing all that and more.


For you, you have to find what works in your current life. Life is about more than work. It is about relaxing and spending time with your loved ones. If you all you ever do is work, you will find later in life you are without happiness due to the damaged relationships. It is work/life balance. Everyone has a different level of balance they can obtain. For your life, you need to find what helps add to your happiness, not take from it. If you are stressing out about something you have committed yourself to, and you aren’t getting more out of it than you are giving – reduce it. There is nothing wrong with retracting and starting again from the scratch boards.

Take it from me, too much is not a good thing if you cannot focus enough energy into it all to make it good.

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