Be Daring


Life is too short to find yourself in a box, living the same life, doing things the same with no end. It is about exploring. Do not allow yourself to fall into belief the world is a terrible place. Is it terrible outside your door? Odds are it is not. Do not believe in everyday life you have been granted. You can do more and find more ways to step outside your box.

If life was meant to live in fear, boxed inside your tiny world, we would not have some of the most amazing sites across the plant. We were meant to move around, explore, and share ideas. How can you share an idea, if you are stuck in the world where you only go to the same places and experience the same things repeatedly.

Each day offers you a chance to take a different route. To get outside your comfort zone and explore. The news and crazy media tell us we are evil and should not do anything but live in fear. And, through fear, you do nothing to expand your experiencing.

And, through every big event in our history, we have later learned a level of corruption and lies were told to us through the media to evoke a reaction within us. Why do we have to be their puppets. Turn off the news, ignore the countless death shows, and get out into your world. Nothing is ever as it seems. You don’t have to listen to the nightly news to get what is going on in your backyard.

You simply have to get outside.

It is time you took back your life and stood up for true freedom. Test the limits of your boundaries because you never know what they will reveal. Death is something we will all come to know. And, yet, it keeps us from experiencing our world out of fear. You have nothing to fear, but much to gain.

Take a chance today!

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