It’s okay to fail – Growth happens over time

Failure is looked at in our small circle as something negative. Certainly, it sucks to fail at something we want. Failure is not the aspect of life we enjoy. It makes something we want harder to obtain. In moments where we fail, we are forced to dig within ourselves to ask our soul if it is really desired or a nice want we can let go off.

Sometimes a failure means we are going in the wrong direction. Other times it is timing that brings about the failure. Your decision changes the way you perceive the obstacle or blockage. If you allow it, failure can completely derail you. If you let others get in your head, you can stop trying for that new level. Before you know it, you have allowed life to settle on you. You wake up one morning and you find you have just wasted your life in a routine.

Goals help you to move out to the settlement. You won’t ever be in a better position if all you do is wake up, repeat your day, on a cycle into the abyss of time. You will remain in the position you are currently in. The change comes when you add a little something different to the pot.

A good example of this would be in a savings account. Say you take your last $25 of every paycheck and you put it into a saving account. Then, on the non-pay week, you decide to take your lunch to work and save another $25 into your saving account. $50 is chum change to what life costs us. Let’s say you do this without missing a beat for ten years. In ten, years you would be looking at $36,000 in your savings account. That’s only accounting for the money you put in it, that is not including the percent of interests you get from your bank. Let’s add 3% to that money (a generous addition, I know) $37,800.

Okay, you are looking at that end money and thinking it sounds great – but life happens in the present and is unpredictable. This is where you have to put your foot down. If you miss a payment, you simply begin again. It is only $25 that you are charging yourself. It’s the least you can offer yourself towards a nice retirement.

If you want to take it to another level there are options like bonds, IRAs, and secure investments you can put that money into to yield some higher interests than the bank given savings accounts. From there you are looking at watching your $25 per week increase slowly over time to watching increase at a rapid pace.

Success is like this. Over time you get better at something you were only okay with at one point in your life. You slowly invest to get a gain here and there. Then, one day you look back and see how far you have come.

It is our foolish belief in the 1 percent that makes us feel inadequate with our gains over time. It is those stories you read about where a person wakes up and meets the right person, and forever changes their situations. That doesn’t happen to most people. That happens to the smallest of the smallest percent of our society.

What does this mean for us?

It means more times out of not, we are going to fail at our attempts. Through our failure and struggle, we gain knowledge to navigate the minefield. We can change the combination and try again. Or we can abandon the idea because it doesn’t work at all for us. It is okay to change. If that is the only thing you walk away from this passage, BE GOOD WITH CHANGE. Try new things because you have never tried them before. Take a little risk on something, DON’T risk your entire savings on a wild hair. But a small percentage of your earnings, go ahead, enjoy it.

Just like the savings example, the more you work at something, the better it gets for you. What are you going to do differently today that will bring about a better tomorrow?


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