Happiness is more than just a dream


Happiness is not given because it is desired. It comes to those who are willing to stand up, fight, and work to bring it into their lives. You can talk until you are blue in the face and never have anything but a dream. You can put into place plans to be better than you once were, and do nothing to progress those plans. You will always find yourself stuck in the same rut as you are now, year after year.

It is time to make a difference in your own life. Time to worry about yourself for a change. Stop concerning yourself with people who add negativity to your life. Bring about a different you. Switch your focus to the positive side of your life. Leave the negative in the past. And, if they are in your present, distance yourself from them. Negative brings only negative experience. There are higher quality people waiting for you on the other side.

It is time you got back to yourself and stopped giving yourself to someone who never understood your value from the start. When we give and give, they take and take. The happiness you cling too is sucked out of you. This person or those people don’t deserve the best part of you because they have no ability to appreciate you.

Every one of us deserves to be happy. Your happiness is available whenever you stop denying yourself the experience. Come back to the start and begin again. Turn yourself inward and pull out of you the things you once dreamed of. Ignore the negative talk. Push past your I can’t to the place where you can and will be the best you have ever been.

When you come back to the beginning and start with you, you find a place of peace. For a moment in time, you are present with yourself and happy. Focus every day on adding to your happiness by doing things that make you happy. And, one day, you wake up inside your happiness with great pride and pleasure. That is when you find the meaning of life. It is the reason you live.

You deserve happiness. Always remember that.

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