Educate yourself, change your life.


We are equal in humanity; not in experience.

What makes us great is the uniqueness of our strengths and weaknesses. An executive working 100 hours per week is not the same as a person who sits around hating others for their success. A person unwilling to educate themselves is not deserving of the same luxury experience as a person who reaches the doctoral status in their field. Just because we are born does not make us entitled to every experience as the next person willing to work to bring it into a reality.

A person who steals is not the same as a person who works hard. A cheater is not on the same level as a person who earns. Gaining the system does not make you better than the person paying into the system. We are not equal in our abilities, we are equal in the rights as human beings of one species. That means we all have the chance to design our future and create our happiness (That is said for the people who are among the free and not the ones in a dictatorship or heavily governed country)

A pill does not make you better than natural. Externally it may appear that we are all equal but we are not. That is okay. Not everyone can be in the role of a CEO. Someone has to flip the burgers. Someone has to make the handcrafted items we love to buy. Someone is always falling when someone else is coming up. That’s called balance.

We all can’t be great.

It is not an excuse to fail or remain in a state of suffering. When you stop allowing yourself the excuses to stay in your current state, you will find a way to bring about change. Whenever you educate yourself out of the current situation, you bring about a different experience. You don’t have to rely on another to make your life better. You will move out of dependency and partnerships. No longer will it matter what person A is doing. You will focus on your next goal in life.

An educated person is a confident person. You stand prouder. You find a different normal. No one can take your education from you. It is an accomplishment that sets you above the majority of people who are busy accepting the garbage in their lives. You are taking back the control over your life because you are refusing to accept the whatever life has to throw your way.

You are a fighter.

That is why you should always desire to educate yourself rather than just get by in life. You deserve so much more than you are allowing yourself to be. Stand up, educate yourself, and change your destiny because it is your birthright to have.

You deserve happiness!

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